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8 Giveaway Landing Page Examples to Inspire You

12 Stunning Giveaway Landing Page Examples to Inspire You

Written By: author image Stacey Corrin
author image Stacey Corrin
Stacey has been writing about WordPress and digital marketing for over 10 years and on other topics for much longer. Alongside this, she's fascinated with web design, user experience, and SEO.
     Reviewed By: John Turner
reviewer image John Turner
John Turner is the co-founder of RafflePress. He has over 20+ years of business and development experience and his plugins have been downloaded over 25 million times.

Are you looking for giveaway landing page examples to help make your giveaway design stand out?

Since I started creating giveaways many years ago, I’ve made many giveaway landing pages. After much trial and error, I discovered that the right design can increase engagement, conversion rates, and ultimately leads.

More importantly, it’s possible to create a giveaway page without knowing how to code.

In this guide, I’ll share my favorite giveaway landing page examples from across the web and show you how to create one easily in WordPress.

Table of Contents

Let’s start by explaining what a giveaway landing page is.

What Is a Giveaway Landing Page?

A giveaway landing page is a standalone web page designed to encourage visitors to enter your giveaway. The purpose of the giveaway page is to create excitement around the prizes people could win and describe the steps users should take to participate and qualify.

Why Do You Need a Giveaway Landing Page?

You need giveaway landing pages for contests to achieve a single goal and keep visitor's attention

You should use landing pages for contests and giveaways because they’re designed to achieve a single goal: encouraging people to enter.

Typically, your homepage and blog posts have many distractions, such as signup forms, new posts, social buttons, and more. That means visitors are less likely to take action and enter your giveaway because there’s too much to draw their attention away.

Yet contest landing pages are designed to hone in on your site visitors and get them excited about the chance of winning a prize.

Landing pages use compelling copy and visual content to encourage readers to keep scrolling. So when visitors get to the contest entry form, they’re convinced enough to start entering.

With this in mind, allow me to share some more giveaway landing page tips.

What to Include in a Giveaway Landing Page Design?

Key elements of a giveaway landing page

The 6 key elements I recommend including on your giveaway landing page are as follows:

  1. Powerful headlines – Grab the readers’ attention with a snappy main headline and use subheadings to break up your copy, telling a story that’s easy to scan.
  2. Irresistible writing – Your giveaway page copy needs to encourage people to keep reading and scrolling. Use emotional words and paint a picture of how winning that prize would look.
  3. Quality images – Show readers what they’ll win with a good quality prize image and set the tone by using imagery throughout your giveaway design.
  4. Benefits of participating – Lead by answering why people should enter your giveaway. Highlight the benefits of your prize with reviews, testimonials, and user-generated content.
  5. Simple entry forms – Don’t make it hard to enter. Keep your entry form as simple as possible and ask for only the contact information you need, such as their email address.
  6. Extra ways to enter – Having more than 1 way to enter makes your contest accessible to more people. Ask them to sign up for your email list, follow you on social media, or refer a friend for a chance to win. They could even do all of the above to earn extra entries.

Now that you know what to include when creating a landing page, let’s look at some great giveaway landing page examples for inspiration.

Inspirational Giveaway Landing Page Examples

The following contest examples use dedicated giveaway landing pages to drive traffic and encourage more people to enter.

Let’s dive in!

1. Birthday Celebration Giveaway Landing Page

OptinMonster Birthday giveaway landing page example

My first example is an engaging giveaway landing page celebrating OptinMonster‘s 10th birthday. They designed the landing page using SeedProd, the best WordPress drag-and-drop page builder, and used its RafflePress integration to display multiple giveaways.

OptinMonster birthday giveawyas

Rather than settle for running just one giveaway, they used RafflePress to run 3 at the same time, giving their audience plenty of chances to win. Similarly, the methods for entering were all easy, requiring only a few clicks to qualify.

OptinMonster bithday giveaway entry actions

If that wasn’t enough, the lower portion of the giveaway landing page offers visitors exclusive opportunities to score discounts for popular products.

birthday giveaway page discounts

Ultimately, I think this is an excellent way to celebrate such a huge milestone and one that resonated with OptinMonster’s audience.

2. SaaS Giveaway Landing Page

Thrive giveaway landing page

If you’re a SaaS company, this giveaway landing page has a wealth of ideas you can borrow. Thrive Themes, a leading suite of WordPress plugins, used RafflePress to run a giveaway offering a huge bundle of WordPress plugins and tools.

By clearly listing the prizes on the giveaway page, they did a fantastic job of evoking the fear of missing out in their visitors.

Thrive tech stack giveaway prizes

And with RafflePress’s easy giveaway widget, users could enter quickly without leaving the page.

Thrive giveaway widget example

Even better, the team used their own landing page builder, Thrive Architect, to customize the page with experience-boosting features, including multiple CTA buttons, frequently asked questions, eye-catching images, and more.

Thrive giveaway page faqs

3. The Standard: 6 Weeks Giveaways

TST giveaway landing page

The Standard Protocol (TST) is a decentralized finance infrastructure project that used RafflePress to encourage visitors to join its waiting list. Its 6 weeks of giveaways rewarded participants with several big-ticket prizes ranging from merch to Airpods and MacBooks.

I love how TST has made a genuinely custom landing page for their giveaway. Alongside the RafflePress giveaway widget, they include extra details explaining how users can enter, what they could win, and a breakdown of the giveaway’s rules.

TST giveaway widget

Additionally, this company has used RafflePress’s complete giveaway actions to maximize its reach, leads, subscribers, and list. It makes for a compelling giveaway page design that will give participants everything they need to join in.

TST giveaway actions

4. Win a Website Giveaway Landing Page Example

giveaway landing page example

Motion Invest, a website buying and selling business, used its website’s homepage as the landing page for its new contest. They’ve cleverly included the RafflePress widget on the homepage, where site visitors immediately have the chance to enter.

Amazing giveaway example

Alongside the giveaway widget, they’ve clearly described the contest’s rules and prizes. But the wide range of contest entry options is where they’ll attract the most traffic. Participants can enter via social media and refer friends to unlock further entries.

Motion Invest giveaway landing page

Combine this with stunning custom graphics, and they’ve got a recipe for contest success.

5. Kickstarter Contest Landing Page Example

Kickstarter giveaway landing page example and giveaway post design

To celebrate the launch of their Kickstarter campaign, Box Dungeon used RafflePress to run a promotional giveaway. With the built-in giveaway landing page option, they made a striking giveaway page to encourage their audience to enter.

As you can see from the giveaway post design above, they used the giveaway background image setting to show users what they could win. Their prize image further complements this to prompt users to enter.

Kickstarter giveaway landing page entry options

Since this giveaway promotes their Kickstarter campaign, they used the “visit a page” action to encourage users to visit their campaign page and made it worth the most entries.

Other ways to enter include:

At the time of writing, their giveaway had over 2,000 entries!

6. TikTok Giveaway Landing Page

TikTok giveaway landing page

In this example, the brand used RafflePress’s TikTok giveaway template to make a stunning TikTok giveaway landing page. The template automatically comes with 2 pre-set entry actions, which ask users to view a TikTok post or video and follow you on TikTok.

The great thing about the view a post action is it lets you embed the TikTok video right inside the giveaway widget. That means users won’t need to leave your website to enter, which is fantastic if they have other tasks to complete.

watch a tiktok video on giveaway landing page

Speaking of bonus tasks, this example also uses the refer-a-friend action to spread the word on other social media networks. As a result, the company can attract many more visitors to their giveaway page and, ultimately, more entries and leads.

Follow on TikTok entry action

7. Facebook Giveaway Landing Page Example

Facebook giveaway landing page template

Next is a landing page created for a Facebook contest. This giveaway design is a simple page with no extra information to distract people from the primary goal.

The bright giveaway background adds color and movement to what would typically be a dull page. And it draws the eye to the center, where a simple widget has all the information for the contest.

This Facebook landing page example offers an Amazon gift card as the prize and clearly states that with bold headlines and descriptions. You then have a clear picture of the gift card, which helps site visitors visualize what they’ll win.

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Grow your Facebook page options

This contest is designed around growing the brand’s Facebook page. Therefore, the ways to enter include visiting the brand on Facebook and viewing a post.

The refer-a-friend action is a simple way to get more entries by sharing the giveaway with their network.

Overall, it’s a simple contest page design with all the correct elements to drive more people to take part.

If you’d like to learn how to run a giveaway on Facebook, check out this step-by-step guide.

8. Holiday Giveaway Landing Page Template Example

Example of an OptinMonster black friday giveaway landing page

Next up, I have a landing page focused on running a giveaway to coincide with a yearly holiday: Black Friday!

Instantly, you’re hit with 5 compelling reasons to keep scrolling to find out more. These reasons are:

  1. Eye-catching headlines – You finally know it’s here! You can’t miss it, and you’re immediately promised prizes, discounts, and the main prize. How can you resist?
  2. Scarcity – They highlight the limited availability, which makes you want to take action now to avoid missing out.
  3. Time limit – The countdown timer creates a sense of urgency to encourage you to enter the contest.
  4. Call to action (CTA) – A CTA button tells you exactly what to do so you don’t lose the chance to win.
  5. Images – The bold blue giveaway background focuses the eye on the content, while the brand logo keeps the business top-of-mind.

Then, when you click the CTA button, you’re faced with a simple RafflePress form with more exciting information.

compelling copy used on a giveaway landing page

You can see the total entries, which adds social proof, while the time remaining to enter reaffirms the sense of urgency.

Next, you’re faced with a high-quality image of the main prize and further copy to help paint the picture of owning it. Then all you have to do is enter! It’s such a good giveaway design; you can’t help but be impressed.

9. Twitter Giveaway Landing Page Template Example

Twitter contest landing page example

My next giveaway landing page example highlights a brand using the power of imagery to give a product away in a Twitter contest.

A product or service giveaway is a great way to boost brand awareness and build a buzz around your business.

The most powerful aspect of this landing page giveaway design is the background image to complement the product.

Site visitors will have no issues picturing themself on a tropical beach wearing that tank top. It connects on an emotional level that drives home the urge to enter.

Grow your Twitter following

This contest uses the RafflePress giveaway contest template designed to grow their Twitter following and increase engagement on Twitter. So, the ways to enter to increase their Twitter followers are automatically added to the widget.

It saves time during the setup process and offers a laser-targeted way to reach their desired goal. You can learn how to do a Twitter giveaway here.

10. Pre-Launch Giveaway Landing Page Example Design

Example of a pre-launch giveaway page

The following example of a giveaway landing page differs from the rest. It’s a page built to tell people the website is coming soon to generate interest.

But where things get more interesting is with the giveaway included on the page.

This business uses the RafflePress Pre-launch Campaign contest website template for marketing its website before launch.

Adding a giveaway to your coming soon page is an excellent tactic for your marketing campaigns. The contest drives traffic to your page and keeps people engaged with your brand. Plus, they’ll check back often to see if you’ve picked a winner.

Actions for a pre-launch contest landing page

But that’s not all. The ways to enter this competition encourage people to interact with your brand on social media and grow your email list.

The result is more people interested in your new website, engaging with your brand, and becoming qualified leads.

You can learn all about the different RafflePress actions here.

11. Instagram Giveaway Landing Page Example

Instagram giveaway landing page examples

Instagram is a great place to run contests due to the image-focused nature of the platform. But having a dedicated landing page for your giveaway on Instagram makes more sense than creating a simple post.

In the Instagram giveaway example above, you can also evoke an insta-worthy presence on your landing page. But while doing this, you can make your giveaway design more interactive to entice more people to join in.

Add user-generated content like submit an image.

By using the user-generated content actions included in RafflePress, this giveaway design easily lets people upload a photo. So you can transform a simple follow-and-like contest into an engaging photo contest.

And since you’re using a landing page for your contest, you simply have to add the giveaway page URL to your Instagram post to share it with your followers.

The Instagram entry options help you grow your followers and get more likes on Instagram.

12. YouTube Competition Landing Page Example

YouTube prize draw giveaway landing page example

This example is one created for a YouTube giveaway aimed at site visitors who stream games.

Since YouTube is a great marketing tool for people creating video content, it’s a smart move to dedicate your contest to get more YouTube subscribers.

In this YouTube contest example, I want to draw your attention to the prize on offer. The stream deck is a big-ticket item that’s highly desirable to streamers.

This kind of prize has the chance to draw in a bigger crowd eager to get their hands on it. And because the contest entry options are related to a platform well-known to streamers, the audience targeting is ideal.

So how exactly do you create a landing page for your contest? Let’s find out.

How to Create a Giveaway Landing Page

The easiest way to create a landing page for giveaways is to use the giveaway landing page software option in RafflePress.

RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway plugin for running viral contests. It includes several premade giveaway templates that allow you to get started quickly.

You can use its drag-and-drop giveaway builder to build your giveaway widget in just a few minutes. That includes adding easy 1-click entry actions, instantly generating giveaway rules, customizing your design, and more.

RafflePress allows you to easily create a giveaway landing page without writing a single line of code. To set up your page, first, follow these steps to create an online contest with RafflePress.

After creating your giveaway widget, go to Settings » General from your giveaway setup page in WordPress.

Then, find the Page Permalink heading and enter a URL for your contest. Make sure to keep your URL short and memorable.

How to create a giveaway landing page

Now click Save to confirm your changes. When you visit the URL you set for your giveaway, you’ll see it has a dedicated landing page like the example below.

example of a contest landing page

The entire process takes just a few minutes, so you can start attracting tons of giveaway entries in no time.

Bonus Tip: Use a Page Builder to Create Your Giveaway Landing Page

You can also use a landing page builder to design a giveaway landing page. A page builder lets you add more functionality to your page to boost leads and entries.

seedprod WordPress website builder

I suggest trying SeedProd, the best WordPress website builder. It lets you create any type of page visually, without code.

You can start with a premade giveaway landing page template, customize it with the drag-and-drop editor, and see the changes in real-time. SeedProd also comes with a dedicated RafflePress block, allowing you to embed your giveaway with a few clicks.

SeedProd giveaway landing page design

Using SeedProd for your giveaway page gives you more control over your design, making it even easier to convince users to enter.

Click here to get started with SeedProd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top giveaway landing page best practices?

Some of the top giveaway landing page best practices include:

  • Having a clear headline
  • Using high-quality images
  • Keeping your copy short
  • Making it easy to enter
  • Promoting your giveaway
  • Analyzing results
  • Choosing the right prize
  • Setting clear rules
  • Showing social proof
  • Announcing the winner

How do I promote my giveaway?

There are many ways to promote your giveaway, including via email marketing, social media sharing, and referrals. Here are some contest promotion ideas to help.

That’s it for today.

I hope this article has helped you find powerful landing page examples to inspire your giveaway. I also hope you understand why successful giveaways use attractive landing page designs.

Now, get creating so your contest can go viral and generate many leads for your business.

But remember, the easiest solution is to create your giveaway on a landing page with RafflePress.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter for more helpful posts like this.

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Stacey Corrin Writer
Stacey has been writing about WordPress and digital marketing for over 10 years and on other topics for much longer. Alongside this, she's fascinated with web design, user experience, and SEO.

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