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22 Facebook Giveaway Ideas Proven to Get Big Results

Last Updated on December 9, 2020 by Stacey Corrin

Are you looking for good Facebook giveaway ideas to help grow your business page?

Running a contest is great for getting more likes, email subscribers, and leads for your business. But coming up with original contest ideas to engage your audience is a challenge.

In this article, we’ll share the top Facebook contest ideas for small businesses to help you delight your audience and grow your brand.

But first, let’s address the most important question…

How Do I Do a Giveaway on Facebook?

Running a contest or giveaway on Facebook might seem difficult. But with the right giveaway tools, business owners will find it valuable to drive traffic and sales for their product or service.

Most businesses go for the simplest option, getting people to like and share Facebook contests to enter. But this isn’t always the best approach and can be a gray area for sticking to Facebook rules.

Facebook’s contest rules say that you can’t require someone to like, share, or tag a friend in exchange for giveaway entries. At most, this should be optional, so you need to find other ways for contest participants to enter.

The best way to do a giveaway on Facebook is to use a contest tool like RafflePress. They’re built solely for running competitions and come with functions to make the process easier.

facebook giveaway

For instance, RafflePress comes with the following features for creating successful contests:

  • Ready-made templates to grow Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Entry methods that abide by Facebook’s rules and policies.
  • Random winner picker to help you pick a giveaway winner in the fairest way.
  • Distraction-free contest landing pages to share your contests on Facebook.
  • And much more.

As you can see, all this combined can make running a contest for your small business a fuss-free and rewarding experience.

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So how about we look at those great Facebook contest ideas for small businesses now?

20+ Proven Facebook Giveaway Ideas

If you’re always asking yourself, “what are good Facebook giveaway ideas?” you’ve come to the right place. Below we share the types of competition ideas for your Facebook page and small businesses guaranteed to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

automatic entry contest ideas

The simplest giveaway idea around is an easy click for a chance to win the contest. All participants need to do to enter is visit a website URL.

Furthermore, this contest type is a great way to drive more traffic to a specific page on your site, like a product or special offer. It also helps raise your brand’s awareness, making it a great idea for even the smallest businesses.

How Do I Do it?

Use the Visit a Page or Automatic Entries actions in RafflePress as ways for participants to enter.

Visit a Page

Here’s a run-down of each action:

  • Visit a Page – This allows you to require contestants to visit a specific page in exchange for entries.
  • Automatic Entries – Lets visitors enter automatically without performing any other actions.
Automatic entry option in RafflePress

You can learn about giveaway actions in the documentation here.

2. Comment on a Blog Post to Enter

Comment on blog giveaway idea for Facebook

Bloggers will enjoy this Facebook contest idea for small businesses because it gets people interacting with your blog. To enter, participants need to visit a blog post and leave a comment in return for an entry.

This is a great way to drive traffic to your blog, as well as encourage on-site engagement. Blog comments act as social proof to reassure visitors that you’re an authority in your niche. Plus, it’s an excellent way to build relationships with your readers.

How Do I Do It?

Use the Leave a Comment action in RafflePress for participants to paste the URL of their blog comment.

Leave a blog comment giveaway entry

3. Facebook Giveaway Ideas: Answer a Trivia Question

Answer a question contest idea example

Here we have a Facebook contest idea that tests your community’s product knowledge by getting them to take part in some trivia. Examples like this make great game giveaway ideas for Facebook.

For people to enter, you can have them answer a question related to your product. And if you really want to test them, get them to answer multiple questions for additional entries.

There are many benefits to running a trivia contest on Facebook, including:

  • Test how well fans know your products
  • Identify where you need to provide more product information
  • Discover top fans you can select as brand ambassadors
  • And of course, get more Facebook followers through referrals

A popular Facebook giveaway might even help improve your organic reach.

How Do I Do it?

To set up this type of contest, use the Answer a Question entry option in RafflePress, which lets visitors enter an answer to a question you specify.

Answer a question action in RafflePress

Plus, you can optionally verify the answer they enter is correct to make it easier to choose a lucky winner.

4. Subscribe to a Newsletter to Enter

subscribe to newsletter facebook giveaway ideas

Did you know that you can also use contests on Facebook to grow your email list?

It may not seem obvious, but having this an entry method can increase the number of people subscribed to your newsletter.

Plus, once they’re on your list, you’ve got a direct connection to their inbox to send them future news and offers.

How Do I Do it?

This one is pretty easy. Using RafflePress’s Join Newsletter action lets you make it a requirement for people to sign up to your list in return for an entry.

Join an email newsletter entry action

And if you Toggle the Trigger on Sign Up option, you can have users automatically added to your email list when they enter the giveaway.

5. Post a Photo Using the Product

Facebook contest where participants upload photos using the product

Now we’re getting into the territory of user-generated content (UGC). That is, using your fans’ own content to create a buzz about your product or service.

For this good Facebook giveaway idea, you can get your Facebook fans to upload a photo they’ve taken of themselves using your product. You could even turn it into a video contest with short video clips.

Not only does it educate potential customers on the many use cases for your products, but it gives you plenty of promotional material to use in the future (with the owner’s consent).

Learn how to run a photo contest on Facebook here.

How Do I Do it?

Submit a photo action

You can collect UGC by using the Submit an Image action in RafflePress. This allows visitors to upload an image or photo directly.

6. Facebook Contest Ideas for Small Businesses: Pick a Mystery Prize

Mystery prize facebook giveaway ideas

For Facebook giveaway ideas that are a little more creative, why not have fans choose from a range of mystery prizes to enter. That way, if they’re picked as a winner, they get their mystery choice for free. 

This can be a great way to promote a range of seasonal products or even give away old stock or gift cards.

How Do I Do It?

For this idea, you can use the RafflePress Polls and Survey action to let visitors vote for which mystery prize they’d like.

Polls and Surveys action

Just add a clear image with each prize numbered, and add those numbers to the poll.

7. Share a [Product] Hack Giveaway

Share a tip facebook contest

Everyone loves a good beauty tip or life hack. So why not include them in your giveaways too?

It’s the perfect way to get your fans involved in something fun and interesting. And you can promote your products with actionable hacks in future Facebook posts customers can use themselves.

How Do I Do It?

Use the Leave a Comment entry option in RafflePress to let them submit their tips and hacks. Then you can randomly choose a winner from all entries.

But if you want to go a step further, offer a special prize for the best hack and feature it on your Facebook Page.

8. Facebook Giveaway Ideas: Visit a Facebook Group Contest

facebook group contest

Facebook groups have fast become an effective way to grow your Facebook presence. They can be linked to your page and are a great place to generate conversations around your brand.

Make use of them by having entrants visit your group to enter your competition. Just don’t make it a requirement for people to join as this may go against those rules we mentioned earlier. This Facebook group competition idea is bound to generate tons of entries.

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How Do I Do It?

It’s pretty simple to direct people to your Facebook Group with RafflePress.

Visit on Facebook Action

Simply use the Visit us on Facebook action and paste your group URL into the appropriate field. Then when people click it, they’ll head straight to your group.

9. Caption a Photo Contest

caption a photo contest

Photo captions are a super-creative way to get fans involved in your giveaway. And it’s a fun way to create a conversation around your product or service.

The idea behind a photo caption contest is to have participants develop a fun or quirky phrase to go with the image.

How Do I Do It?

You can use the Leave a Comment action in the RafflePress editor for this type of contest, letting people enter their caption easily.

Then you can pick a winner with the best caption or with the random winner generator.

10. Guess the Product Giveaway

Guess what contest

Want to make your followers work for the chance to win a cool prize? Then post an obscured photo of your product and get people to guess what is to enter.

Alternatively, you could disguise the product as something else to really get people’s brains working.

The pros of this contest type are that it gets people thinking hard about your products. You never know; they might discover something interesting you haven’t thought of yourself.

How Do I Do It?

You can use 2 RafflePress actions to run this contest which are as follows:

  1. Leave a Comment – Have people enter their best guess in a comment.
  2. Surveys and Polls – Give people a range of answers to choose from.

11. Name the Product Contest

Name the product Facebook giveaway idea

Something similar to the previous idea that still gets peoples’ creative juices flowing is to have them come up with a name for your product.

This is ideal if you’re launching a new range because the winner then becomes part of it with their name choice.

How Do I Do It?

Setting up this contest is similar to the previous idea using the following actions in RafflePress:

  1. Leave a Comment – Let people add their idea in your Facebook comments.
  2. Polls and Surveys – Maintain more creative control by asking users to choose from a range of options.

12. Vote for the Best Product

Facebook voting giveaway

This method is one of the best Facebook contest ideas to drive new product sales. And if you couple it with a discount code for the lucky winner, it can create a ton of contest shares and entries.

Even better, it highlights which of your products is the most popular with your audience to promote it better in the future.

How Do I Do It?

The simplest way to run a voting giveaway is to use the Polls and Surveys action in RafflePress. Just make sure you include a clear image labeling each choice so people can pick the best one.

13. Facebook Giveaway Ideas: Refer a Friend Giveaway

The most powerful way to have your contest go viral is to get people to share it with others quickly. The faster people share it, the quicker people will see it and enter, creating an upward spiral of viral content. 

How Do I Do It?

To help your content go viral, use RafflePress’s built-in Refer A Friend action.

Viral refer a friend action

This lets participants refer other visitors via various social media outlets and email to gain more entries.

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14. Share a Selfie Contest

Selfie contest

We all know that on social media, the selfie is the queen of all images. And whether you love them or hate them, they’re a great tool for brands to leverage in a contest.

What’s more, they put a human face to your product or service, which resonates with customers more than a simple product shot.

How Do I Do It?

To run a selfie contest, get participants to upload a selfie with your product or using your service.

You can do this easily with the Submit a Photo action in RafflePress that we mentioned earlier. You can even use the Share on Facebook action as a bonus contest entry to help spread the word about your giveaway.

15. Pick Your Favorite Product

Facebook giveaway ideas: choose your favorite product

Earlier, we discussed how you could get Facebook fans to choose the best product from a range to win a prize. But in this method, why not get people to pick their favorite product from an entire range?

Besides raising awareness about a product, you can ask people to include testimonials on why it’s their favorite, boosting sales.

How Do I Do It?

You can run this type of competition in a few ways using entry actions in RafflePress, including:

  • Leave a Comment – Get people to comment with their favorite and explain why.
  • Surveys and Polls – Let people choose their favorite from a range of options.
  • Ask a Question – Ask fans what their favorite is and let them pick an appropriate answer.

16. Share and Caption Your Photo

Photo with caption giveaway ideas

We’ve also talked about caption contests in this article. But the truth is people are more creative than we give them credit for.

That said, a way to show off your fans’ creativity is to have them snap their own photo featuring your product, as well as captioning it too. Then you can feature some of the best in a roundup blog post or on a page on your website.

How Do I Do It?

The simple option for this in RafflePress is to use the Submit a Photo action. And get entrants to rename their photo file with the image caption.

This will make sure your people read the requirements properly, so you get quality entries.

17. Complete a Survey to Enter

Facebook giveaway with a survey

Surveys are the best way to gather useful information about your target market. You can ask questions related to your audience’s demographics, product preferences, and much more.

A  simple way to improve survey responses is to offer a prize for filling one in. And it’s easier than you might think to do.

How Do I Do It?

If your survey is short, sweet, and simple, you can use the Surveys and Polls action as we described earlier.

But if it’s a more complex survey, you can use the Visit a Page action to send people to a page on your website where you’ve added a survey built with a tool like WPForms, for instance.

18. Share a Memory to Win

Share a memory facebook contest ideas

Remember the good old days when things seemed brighter, better, and more fun? Nostalgia is a wonderful way to connect emotionally with your customers.

Ask your Facebook fans to share a memory related to your product. Or get them to write what their younger self would have done with it to drive more engagement on your page.

How Do I Do It?

The Leave a Comment RafflePress action is the best choice for this Facebook giveaway idea. And it gives users space to really sell that memory in the most convincing way possible.

19. Fill in The Blank to Enter

Fill in the blank Facebook giveaway contest ideas

Now we don’t all have the time to reflect on better days. Sometimes we just want to enter a contest and go.

For this type of audience, a simple fill-in-the-blank game giveaway idea is just the thing you need. It gets people to engage with you and raises product awareness without taking heaps of time.

How Do I Do It?

Write a simple phrase about your product or service, leaving part of the sentence blank. For instance, you could write:

 “All cats love [product] because it’s perfect for fixing ___.”

Then have people enter their answer for the missing word using the Invent Your Own or Leave a Comment entry action in RafflePress.

20. Share How You’d Use The Product

snap a product photo to win facebook contest ideas

Want to get more ideas for how your customers could use your product? Then look no further.

This Facebook contest idea is a great choice if you’re about to launch a new product and want to give people a sneak peek. Plus, it helps you gather use-cases you can use to promote it after launch day.

How Do I Do It?

Share a picture of the product in question and ask your followers the best ways they’d use it themselves.

Then you can use the Leave a Comment option to have people submit their ideas.

Alternatively, participants could upload a photo demonstrating how they’d do things using objects from around their homes.

21. Share a Recipe Giveaway

Share a recipe Facebook contest ideas

All brands and businesses can use our next giveaway idea. The premise is simple, get people to share a recipe to win a prize.

But how can all brands use this method? Well, you can tap into the seasons and hijack the holidays.

How Do I Do It?

Any business can run a contest celebrating Christmas, Easter, or ThanksGiving.

Just pair it up with a discount or free product and have entrants share their favorite recipes to win. Then they can submit recipes with the Leave a Comment option in RafflePress.

22. In Store Facebook Giveaway Ideas

If you’re a business with a physical location, there’s no reason why you can’t use it as a source of Facebook giveaway ideas.

facebook contest ideas: in-store contest

Claire’s easily linked their physical store to their Facebook contest by having entrants get their ears pierced in store and then sharing their email address for a chance to win earrings for life.

How Do I Do It?

You can also easily run an in-store giveaway by setting up the Invent Your Own entry option in the RafflePress widget.

When entrants have visited your store, you can have them enter a purchase code, email address, or other proof of the visit to enter.

Another way to confirm their visit in person is to get fans to snap a selfie in your store and then upload it via the Submit a Photo option.

And there you have it!

In this article, we’ve covered over 20 Facebook giveaway ideas proven to generate huge results for your business.

But if you’re looking for even more ways to promote your product, check this tutorial out.

And don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for more great tips to grow your business.

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