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6 Crucial Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Facebook Comments

6 Crucial Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Comments

Written By: author image Stacey Corrin
author image Stacey Corrin
Stacey has been writing about WordPress and digital marketing for over 10 years and on other topics for much longer. Alongside this, she's fascinated with web design, user experience, and SEO.
     Reviewed By: John Turner
reviewer image John Turner
John Turner is the co-founder of RafflePress. He has over 20+ years of business and development experience and his plugins have been downloaded over 25 million times.

Do you want to buy Facebook comments?

Increasing your comments and likes tells Facebook that your content is valuable. As a result, the algorithm is more likely to display your posts in the Facebook feed, making them visible to more people.

But is it really a good idea to buy Facebook comments? Could doing so harm your reputation?

This article will show you that you could be doing more harm than good when you buy Facebook comments and likes.

First, let’s answer a popular question.

Can You Buy Comments on Facebook?

Many companies online claim to provide 100% safe Facebook comments from real people. Here are just a few from the top search results in Google:

buy facebook comments google search

When you look at these social media marketing services, it’s clear to see that, yes, you can buy comments on Facebook. Yet the REAL question is, should you?

It isn’t illegal to buy comments for your Facebook posts. However, if you read Meta’s community standards, you’ll see that paying for comments on your posts falls under that gray area of inauthentic behavior.

You’re essentially paying strangers to say a bunch of words about a brand they don’t know much, if anything about. It’s not very authentic, is it?

But that’s not all. Buying comments, even if they’re “real” Facebook comments, can do even more harm to your business, which we’ll explain below.

Why You Should Never Buy Facebook Comments

So far, you know that buying comments for your Facebook page isn’t illegal but is a practice many people frown upon. With that in mind, here are several more reasons why you should never buy Facebook comments.

1. It Hurts Your Edgerank

Edgerank is the algorithm that Facebook uses to measure your engagement. It looks at the comments, likes, shares, clicks on Facebook post links, and all other interactions your posts receive and judges how valuable they are to users.

The algorithm uses that data to decide which posts show in people’s news feed first. It stands to reason that if you only post good high-quality content, people will engage with it, resulting in a good Edgerank.

Facebook edgerank rafflepress

Yet if you buy custom comments on Facebook, that’s all you get. That means you won’t have many likes and shares, which tells Edgerank that your engagement is low.

In the end, very few people will see your posts.

2. They Can Mislead Real Users

Let’s say a few Facebook posts slip through the algorithm and make it into your fans’ news feeds. In that case, your followers will see a high number of comments singing your brand’s praises.

The problem with this is the comments are not genuine. They encourage your audience to believe that whatever you’re promoting is the real deal.

If your products or services aren’t up to scratch and people buy them due to fake Facebook comments, you’re misleading them. Do you really want your customer support team to face many live support tickets from unhappy customers?

It’s best to protect your reputation and generate comments organically if you don’t.

3. It Can Ruin Your Credibility

Picture this. You find an interesting band on Facebook and click through to their page.

The first few posts have hundreds of comments, but as you scroll down, there are barely any. Wouldn’t you find that suspicious?

low facebook engagement when you buy facebook comments

Your genuine Facebook followers will come to the same conclusion. As a result, you can wave goodbye to your credibility, trustworthiness, and potential sales.

People aren’t naive when it comes to social media platforms. When they see that something doesn’t add up, they’ll leave and never return.

4. You’ll Impair Your Facebook Metrics

As we mentioned earlier, when discussing Edgerank, analytics are powerful. Without quality analytics, it’s almost impossible to know if your Facebook marketing efforts are making an impact or are profitable.

facebook analytics

But customized Facebook comments are likely destroying your analytics.

Fake engagement, like comments, Facebook likes, and shares give you an inaccurate image of what happens on your Facebook page. Consequently, it’s much harder to understand what does and doesn’t work and what your next steps should be.

5. It Leaves You Vulnerable to Hacking

Do you know where fake Facebook comments come from?

In June 2017, police raided a building in Thailand with hundreds of mobile phones and thousands of sim cards that 3 Chinese men used to build likes and views on social media.

We call this type of thing a click farm. Click farms are huge online scams that encourage people to pay real money for social media engagement.

In some cases, click farms use bots and fake accounts to generate engagement. But in many cases, there are workers crammed into tiny rooms, in miserable conditions getting a measly wage.

It’s criminal, isn’t it?

buying facebook comments can cause vulnerability

But that’s not all. Many Facebook comment sellers are sometimes hackers too.

Engaging with those websites can expose you to many web vulnerabilities. For example, they may be using insecure software to manage payments, leading to security breaches.

Some websites may get enough information to hack your Facebook account in the worst case.

6. You Could Lose Your Facebook Account

Remember Facebook’s community standards? There’s a section under their Spam policy that goes like this:

“…we do not want to allow content that is designed to deceive, or that attempts to mislead users to increase viewership.”

It then goes on to state:

“We also aim to prevent people from abusing our platform, products, or features to artificially increase viewership or distribute content en masse for commercial gain.”

The keywords there are “artificially increase viewership.”

When you buy Facebook comments, you’re actively engaging in behavior that aims to get more eyes on your content by paying for it. We’re pretty sure that means artificially increasing your viewership.

Facebook doesn’t take breaching its guidelines lightly.

At first, you’ll get several warnings about your misconduct. But if you continue to violate their rules, Facebook may disable your account.

In the end, you’ll spend money on fake engagement with terrible results for your business.

What to Do Instead of Buying Facebook Comments

By now, you probably realize that buying comments isn’t the best way to grow your Facebook presence. But what should you do instead?

One of the easiest ways to get more eyes on your Facebook content is to run a giveaway contest. Giveaways are super popular and can make your account go viral.

RafflePress is an excellent tool for running a Facebook giveaway.

best WordPress giveaway plugin rafflepress

It’s a powerful WordPress giveaway plugin that lets you create viral giveaways for almost any social media platform.

You can customize your giveaway widget with the easy drag-and-drop builder and live preview.

rafflepress giveaway entry actions

To increase Facebook engagement with a giveaway, you can use the built-in “Grow Your Facebook Page” giveaway template, which has several tasks users can complete, including:

  • Visit on Facebook
  • Like a Facebook page
  • View a Facebook post or video
  • Share on Facebook

You can also ask users to refer a friend, join your email list, leave a comment, and more.

After creating your giveaway, you can publish it on your WordPress website using the block editor or classic WordPress editor. Or, you can create a standalone giveaway landing page that you can link to from your Facebook giveaway post.

facebook giveaway landing page

Check out this tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to run a Facebook giveaway.

If that isn’t enough, here are some more ways to grow your brand on Facebook:

  • Optimize your business profile
  • Cross-promote on other social media platforms
  • Share genuine, high-quality content
  • Create a Facebook group

Next Steps

We hope this article has helped you learn why you should never buy Facebook comments. You might also like our list of the best WordPress plugins while you’re here.

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Stacey Corrin Writer
Stacey has been writing about WordPress and digital marketing for over 10 years and on other topics for much longer. Alongside this, she's fascinated with web design, user experience, and SEO.

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