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How to Increase Your YouTube Views with a Giveaway

How to Increase Your YouTube Views with a Giveaway

Do you want to increase views on your YouTube channel? Running a giveaway is one of the best ways to get more eyes on your video content. But knowing where to start is a challenge if you’ve never made one before.

So in this article, we’ll show you how to increase your YouTube views with a giveaway. Then you can grow your audience, boost your channel, and improve your business growth.

Decide the Purpose of Your Giveaway

Before building any type of giveaway, you’ll need to figure out the reason for running one. Your goal is the driving force behind the kind of prize you choose, how you set up your contest, how users enter, and so on.

Even though increasing YouTube views is your primary goal, you might have other reasons to run a giveaway such as:

Make a note of these goals, as they’ll help guide you through the contest creation process. Plus, it’ll help you measure the success of your giveaway when it’s over.

Choose a Relevant Prize

Once you’ve defined your giveaway goals, it’s time to choose a prize. Many brands pick a prize they think people will like, without doing any research.

The problem with this is that the audience you attract won’t have any interest in your brand. So they won’t engage and convert into leads and sales. They’re just in it for the freebie.

Instead, choose a prize that your audience desires and is relevant to your business.

Gaming merchandise giveaway prize

For example, gaming channels could offer a prize of gaming merchandise. Or if your channel has a focus on health and fitness, you could offer a bundle of fitness goodies.

Other popular prize ideas include:

  • Gift vouchers to your store
  • Large cash prizes
  • Events and experiences
  • Your own products

For even more inspiration, check out these proven prize ideas.

Increase Your YouTube Views with Entry Requirements

After picking a relevant prize for your giveaway, you need to decide how users will enter for a chance to win. To increase your YouTube views, involve your videos in the contest entry requirements.

Here are some entry option ideas that’ll work to drive views.

1. Watch a Video to Enter

One of the easiest ways to get more users watching your content is to get them to watch a video to enter your giveaway.

RafflePress includes the Watch a Video entry option, which allows you to do this in return for entries.

watch a video entry option

After adding the action to your giveaway widget, enter your video URL. Then when anyone clicks the action to enter, they’ll see your video live in the widget. Visitors automatically get the entries once the video is over.

Giving users the option to view your video in the widget means they won’t have to click away from your website. So you’ll not only increase your YouTube views, but you’ll also increase the time spent on your site. This is an important ranking signal for search engines.

2. Visit Your Channel to Enter

Another way to increase your YouTube views is to get users to visit your channel for bonus entries.

RafflePress’s Visit a YouTube Channel action lets you make visiting mandatory. Users can then watch your videos and subscribe, which is a great way to boost your subscribers.

RafflePres visit a youtube channel giveaway entry option

Subscribing is optional so that you can follow YouTube’s Fake Engagement policy and rules.

3. Answer Questions About Your Video

If you’d like users to engage with your videos, you can get them to watch a video and answer a question about it on your giveaway widget.

You can do this with the Answer a Question option in RafflePress, which lets you include a question users should answer for entries. You can also verify that the answer is correct to make it easier to choose a winner.

answer a question action

Since users have to watch your videos closely to find the answer, it’ll increase the time spent viewing your videos.

4. Create a YouTube Scavenger Hunt

An alternative way to drive more views on YouTube is to hide clues in several videos across your channel. Users will have to hunt through your playlists to find the clues and enter them on your contest widget for a chance to win.

A great way to do this is to add captions or notes to your videos with clues. Each clue can point to a different video until users find the final video with a secret code. Once participants have the code, they’ll need to add it to your contest widget to enter.

You can use the Invent Your Own action to do this in RafflePress. Simply change the action label to something like “Enter the Secret Code.” Then write instructions for how to get started.

invent your own entry action with RafflePress

To confirm the entry, tell users to enter the code in the field provided.

As a result, you’ll increase views on many YouTube videos. And because it’s a fun event, it improves your relationship with your audience.

Here are just a few more YouTube giveaway examples for inspiration.

6. Refer a Friend for Bonus Entries

Consider adding actions to your giveaway that rewards users with bonus entries.

The Viral Refer-a-Friend action in RafflePress is an excellent way to do this. It lets you spread the word about your giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

viral refer a friend action

To secure more entries, all users need to do is share your contest on their preferred platforms. This exposes your giveaway to a broader audience, who’ll carry out more actions, refer more friends, and so on.

Create Clear Giveaway Rules

The next step is to create a clear set of rules for your giveaway. This ensures your contest is fair and eliminates any confusion for your participants. It also keeps your contest on-track and aligned with your goals.

Your giveaway rules should include the following details:

  • The minimum age for entering your contest
  • If your giveaway is limited to a specific geographic location
  • How people can enter your giveaway
  • What the grand prize is
  • How you’ll draw a winner
  • If anyone sponsors your contest

Once you’ve defined your rules, you’re ready to start building your giveaway.

Use RafflePress to Create Your YouTube Giveaway

RafflePress is the best giveaway plugin on the market. It makes it easy to create a successful contest and gives you everything you need to increase your YouTube views, subscribers, and much more.

What’s more, it comes with a ready-made giveaway template specifically designed to Grow Your YouTube Channel. So you can get up and running in a few clicks.

grow your youtube channel template

Check out this step-by-step guide for how to create an online contest to get started.

Promote Your Giveaway On YouTube

Once your giveaway is live, you can’t simply wait for people to enter. A good contest marketing strategy involves promoting your giveaway to maximize participation. This should start with your YouTube audience since they’re already active and engaged with your brand.

Here are a few ways you can promote your giveaway on YouTube:

YouTube giveaway announcement video
  • Giveaway Announcement Video: Record a video announcing your contest and include details for how users can enter. You can follow up with more videos throughout your giveaway to keep up the momentum.
  • Video Call to Action Cards: Add a call-to-action card at the end of your announcement video that links to your giveaway landing page. Consider adding the same card to the most popular videos on your channel to increase entries.
  • Channel Partnerships: Consider teaming up with relevant YouTubers and ask them to promote your contest on their channel. This not only improves contest participation but also exposes your channel to a larger, relevant audience.

Promote Your Giveaway Off YouTube

Chances are you have a sizable following outside of your YouTube channel. So don’t forget about that audience when promoting your giveaway.

One of the easiest ways to promote your giveaway off YouTube is to share it on your other social media networks and ask people to tag friends in the comments.

You can also promote your contest by:

Begin promoting your giveaway as soon as it goes live to generate tons of entries and YouTube views.

Check out our article on more contest promotion ideas to help your giveaway go viral.

Increase Your YouTube Views After Your Giveaway

Once your giveaway is over, there are still opportunities to use it to boost your YouTube views. You could even turn drawing a winner into a live YouTube event that’s sure to attract loads of attention.

For instance, you can live stream you using RafflePress’s random winner generator to pick your giveaway winner.

pick a giveaway winner

Since the winner is highlighted in the RafflePress dashboard, users can instantly see who’s won. This keeps your contest transparent and proves the prize draw was as fair as possible.

email the giveaway winner

After, you can create a thank you video recognizing everyone who took the time to enter. This will make your audience feel valued enough to enter again in the future and stay loyal to your channel.

Consider offering a consolation prize in the form of a unique discount code or voucher to keep your audience engaged.

Learn From Your Results

One of the most important things you can do to increase your YouTube views with a giveaway is to figure out what did and didn’t work. That way, you can identify the contest promotion methods that resulted in the most channel views and use them in your next giveaway.

YouTube analytics dashbaord

You can find that information on your YouTube analytics dashboard. There you can see the number of views your videos have, click-through rates, and more.

It’s also a good idea to measure your website’s traffic. The easiest way to do that is to use MonsterInsights, the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It makes it easy to track visits to your giveaway landing page, traffic to your website, referral traffic, etc.

MonsterInsights overview report

Plus, you can view all that data right inside your WordPress dashboard without leaving your website. Even better, you can use MonsterInsights’ real-time data to monitor your giveaway while it’s running. Then you can make changes on the fly to improve your contest’s performance and drive more views on your YouTube channel.

That’s it!

We hope this article helped you learn how to increase your YouTube views with a giveaway.

As you’ve learned today, when you create an online contest, you give your audience a fun way to engage with your brand. This results in more YouTube views, subscribers, and a larger relevant audience.

Click here to get started with RafflePress today.

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