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Giveaway Settings

The Settings section allows you to configure more advanced options for the giveaway.


The General section allows you to configure the giveaway name, landing page URL and a few other display-related options such as show total entries and show winners.

Giveaway Rules

The Rules section allows you to enter rules for your giveaway. You can optionally enter your giveaways information and generate rules based off a starting rules template we provide.

Note: The rules template is a generic starting point and it is up to you to make sure you are following any local laws regards Giveaways.

Email Verification

The Email Verification section allows you to have contestants confirm their emails which help with fraud. After entering the giveaway an email confirmation will be sent to the user. Users will still be able to get entries even if they do not click the confirmation link.

Under the Users, screen it will be denoted if a user is confirmed or unconfirmed and you can pick winners based on these criteria.

Troubleshooting: If you are not receiving the confirmation emails make sure are using a reliable SMTP service. Use this plugin to ensure your emails get delivered.

Success Tracking

The Success Tracking section allows you to enter tracking scripts like Google Analytics or Facebook’s pixel tracing when the page load or on conversion which means someone enters the giveaway by signing up.

Success Redirect

The Success Redirect option allows you to redirect the contestant to another page or site after they have completed all the entries options.

Note: If you have a Refer A Friend entry this setting will be ignored since Refer A Friend is never completed.

Social Logins

The Social Logins section allows you to show or hide the various Social Login Integrations we offer such as Facebook.

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