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Learn how to collect emails with Zapier and integrate with over 500 services with the RafflePress plugin.

Currently, our Zapier Integration is in beta and accessible by invite only.

Click here to create a Zap with RafflePress

To get started collecting emails with Zapier follow these steps.
Note: Only 1 Join Newsletter action can be in the giveaway when using Zapier.

  1. Select Zapier from the Select an Integration dropdown and copy your API key.
  2. Next, login into your zapier.com account, create a new zap and search for RafflePress as a Trigger App
  3. For the Trigger choose New Contestant Created and click Save + Continue
  4. Next, click the Connect Account button and enter the website you want to connect and they API key you copied on Step 1.
  5. Next, choose the giveaway to pull data from click Continue
  6. Next, test and pick a sample contestant, click Continue. Note: If you do not have any contest for your giveaway please add a test contestant so Zapier can pull in a sample.

    Pick where you want to send the data. In our exmaple, we’ll just email ourselves the data.

Of course, you can choose from over 500 services to integrate with.


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