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Newsletter Integrations Not Working (With CDN Active)

Newsletter integrations may not work if the website is behind a CDN (such as Cloudflare) with an incomplete configuration. CDNs (based on their nature as a second “webserver”) may prevent integration actions (not limited to those being set up in RafflePress) from being triggered by the origin server to external services set up in your integration. This happens because the user interacts with the page loaded from the CDN; any frontend requests to the origin server that triggers the integration actions (such as adding user contact details to MailChimp or MailerLite through our integration) will not reach the origin server.

To quickly correct this, you may add a page rule to exclude the affected giveaway page (or pages) from being served by the CDN. Here’s Cloudflare’s support guide below with steps on how to do this in your Cloudflare dashboard. For other CDNs, you may contact their support team to help with this step.


How do I include or exclude a specific URL from Cloudflare’s page rules?


You may exclude the referral link (with the pattern below) using the Cloudflare Page Rule feature.

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