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Would you like to receive more comments on your blog posts? You may use the Leave a Comment action to invite people to comment on your blog posts and earn entries in return.

You will need a RafflePress license to access this feature.

How to setup the Visit us on Leave a Comment action on your giveaway

  1. In the Actions section, select the ‘Leave a Comment’ action to add it into your giveaway.

  2. Click on the action to access entry options. Here, can customize the title, assign entry values, make the action mandatory, and allow daily entries. You will also see some text fields where you can briefly describe which blog post the user should leave a comment on and what information you need to confirm the action. Make sure to include a link to your post.

  3. Enabling the ‘Daily Entries’ option will allow giveaway participants to comment on a different blog post each day.

  4. Once your action is setup, participants will be able to see this action on your giveaway page and submit the required information to gain entry points.

  5. Once a participant completes this action, they will receive entry points for their submission and you will be able to validate the entry in the Entries section of your giveaway

That’s it! You may now use this action to boost the quantity of comments on your blog posts.

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