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John Turner

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John Turner Co-Founder
Education: Auburn University

John Turner, an esteemed entrepreneur and software developer, co-founded SeedProd, renowned for its innovative Theme Builder, Landing Page Builder, Coming Soon Page, and Maintenance Mode plugins. With his vision and expertise, John spearheaded the development of the most widely-used coming soon and maintenance mode plugin in the market, reflecting his profound influence in the digital landscape.

Boasting an impressive career spanning over two decades, John's contributions to the tech industry are marked by his exceptional business acumen and development skills. His creations have garnered widespread acclaim, with his plugins achieving over 25 million downloads, a testament to their impact and popularity.

John's academic background is equally impressive. He is an alumnus of Auburn University, where he graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Management Information Systems. Since 2000, he has been at the forefront of internet business, demonstrating a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit.

John's skill set is as diverse as it is deep, encompassing marketing, copywriting, design, coding, and management. This multidisciplinary expertise has not only fueled his success but also enabled him to make significant contributions to the evolving digital world.

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